Support Us

Scout Friends works with and receives support from;

  • private sector employers
  • public sector organizations
  • government agencies
  • charitable trusts
  •  international organizations
  • international government and agencies
  • academic and research institutions
  • foundations
  • not-for-profit organizations
  • overseas institutions

who have agreed to pay all or part of the YES costs. A sponsor is not a Scout Friend or Peace Scout member who has agreed to pay the program costs.

Scouts strongly appreciates its support, be it from an organizations or individuals and offers the opportunity to enhance your visibility and activity in several ways.

Among other benefits,Scouts provides for its supporters:

  • Visibility through the Scout Friends network
  • Participation in an ambitious and innovative take YES action project
  • Affiliation with a youth youth and development program

If you wish to support CliMates, please contact

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